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Representing injured plaintiffs in car and truck collisions in all of Tennessee

What to Expect When You Contact Us

We will answer all of your questions, advise you on how to proceed, explain the entire legal process, the “dos and don’ts,” and we will tell you how to protect your rights and not be tricked by insurance companies that only care about money.

We will explain all this with one phone call, one email, or one chat online, anytime!

We care about you and about what’s right and fair, more than we care about money.

We work as a team for you. We handle your case as if it is our only case, because we understand it is your only case. We know how important this is to you.

Call me and I’ll prove it to you!

Jay Stillman
Personal Injury Attorney
Serving Middle Tennessee for 30 Years

Stillman & Friedland: Because We Care

Our greatest reward is knowing that we are helping so many people who need information, who want to know if they have a case, what their case is worth, and all the other legal information they need. We answer your questions, whether we take the case or not and it’s nice to know so many of you appreciate us.
– Jay Stillman, February 2015

WARNING: Are Lawyers & Doctors Calling You?

If you have been in a car accident, you may be called by a doctor, a lawyer, or both. If this happens, do not hire or get treatment until you get advice from another attorney! The chasing of injury victims is a poor practice and many times, accident victims end up not being treated fairly and not getting good representation or treatment. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIRE AS YOUR ATTORNEY OR YOUR DOCTOR. It makes all the difference in your results.

“What Is My Case Worth?”

Attorney Jay Stillman

Many of our car and truck accident clients ask me, what is my case worth?

If they are asking after they have finished treatment, i can estimate a realistic range of settlement.

if they are asking at the beginning of their case, which i certainly understand, i can explain the process to them. this puts the case in perspective for them.

What do I mean? The common steps in most accident injury cases are as follows:

1.  Call Stillman and Friedland Attorneys

2.  We settle the property damage to your vehicle.

3.  You get follow up medical treatment as long as needed. You file all bills with any health insurance you have (we reimburse them at settlement, at a vastly reduced rate).

4.  When you finish treatment, we get all records and bills and submit an opening offer to the insurance adjuster, including compensation for all expenses and bills, lost earnings and pain and suffering.

5.  We negotiate and if necessary, file suit to force the insurance company to pay more for your case.

This process continues until the case is settled to your approval, or litigated before a jury.

You pay nothing until you settle and get your compensation.

If there is no recovery, there is no cost to you.

Call anytime, because we care!

Jay Stillman
Stillman and Friedand Attorneys


Workers’ Compensation Representation
We can help you get the most from the newest Tennessee Workers’ Compensation laws, effective July, 2014.  The trend has been in favor of employers and insurance companies, and this new law is no exception. Let us help you maximize every benefit available to you!
If you can’t come in to meet us, you can consult with us by phone and email. That way we can start working for you immediately, without you even leaving your home! Call or e mail now for expert personal injury legal representation for car and truck accident injuries, anywhere in Tennessee. All our Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys are licensed to practice in United States Federal District and Appellant Courts and Tennessee Supreme Court, Appellant Courts and Circuit and Chancery Courts of Tennessee. Tennessee Car and Truck Accident Lawyers and Attorneys at Stillman & Friedland have over 30 years’ experience serving Tennesseans.
If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck or car accident, work accident, or any other injury, you must act quickly to preserve your rights. I will explain what you need to do with one call or e mail at no charge to you. Then, you decide if you want us to handle your case! We are the law firm that really cares about you — more than we care about money. Call and see for yourself!

Our Tennessee Car and Truck Injury Lawyers Really Care

Accidents happen but in many cases an accident is caused by the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of some other party. A workplace accident hospitalizes the family breadwinner. The family incurs many expenses, loses the vehicle damaged in the accident, and the list goes on and on. When what only happens to someone else happens to you, the Personal Injury Lawyers at Stillman & Friedland are here to help you. We represent real people in Tennessee with real problems, and we never forget that!

The goals of our personal injury attorneys are simple: to protect the rights of injured victims and families, punish and deter wrongdoers, and level the playing field with insurance companies.

Our office is staffed in order to assist our personal injury clients across the State. Our Firm will review your case no charge in Nashville or anywhere in Tennessee.

Through a team approach we are committed to providing a higher level of service to each of our valued personal injury clients. Our Law Firm stress integrity, honesty and good old-fashioned personal service.

For more information about how our Law Firm can help you, your family or your business, contact Jay Stillman at Stillman & Friedland for a free initial consultation today.


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